Fuji Trading (Marine) BV, is a branch of Fuji Trading Co., Ltd. Group (1953), a world leader in marine supply (stores, provisions and spare parts) and marine engineering, consisting of a worldwide network of offices and subsidiaries. Established in 15 countries with 21 offices and 5 subsidiaries.

Our network provides the ability to serve ship owners and –managers with wide-range marine requirements at the most competitive prices and with the most efficient service.

Since our establishment in 1974, we have dedicated ourselves to serve in addition to the marine market and to assist our clients in obtaining efficient and safe operation.

With our warehouse facilities to ”store” items/spare parts temporarily and combine for shipment we have an extra added value for our customers. Together with the possibility for long time (humidity controlled) storage, the in-house logistic department for shipment all over the world and the good-quality products, we “supply” the highest service level.