Since our establishment we supply ship’s machinery, technical equipment and spare parts. Providing an endless range of ship parts and machinery quickly to ships around the world. From our Rotterdam office we provide all (European) Brands/Manufacturers.

Because of our longtime experience with many various manufacturers and our extensive database of unique business intelligence, we can offer a unique 1 window system for all Spare Parts, Equipment and Machinery without time delay.

Under the strong and long-term collaborative relationship with all quality manufacturers, we established low-cost and speedy delivery setups by selling exclusively genuine parts, and adopting comprehensive and timely reporting system on the Web for arrival/shipment/delivery status of machinery and spare parts.

Fuji Trading (Marine) BV is also a sales agent for Yanmar, Miura, Mitsubishi Reefer Containers and Kittiwake (Parker)

Fuji Trading (Marine) B.V. is also a specialize agent for condition monitoring solutions of Parker Kittiwake. Which enables you to operate with maximum efficiency and protection.

Unplanned downtime is the enemy of every industry. The earlier a vital repair can be made to a broken piece of machinery, the faster a company can return to profitability.

Ensuring that the fuel, lube and water on-board meets its specification is important, not only to maintain efficient operation, but also to meet marine regulations. These accurate, reliable and simple-to-use tests ensure you maintain your vessel at optimum efficiency.