Working, eating, relaxing, sleeping – ordinary life also goes on for people on board, ships that are surrounded by nothing but the sea and sky. It is the mission of Fuji Trading’s Stores Division to ensure that those ships are properly supplied with foodstuffs and marine stores to continue on their way in safety and comfort.

The Stores Division has a track record from 1953 and provides supply services at ports/harbors, with a wide-ranging expertise for all kinds of ships. It meets needs of customers through our global network, in collaboration with affiliated suppliers in major ports worldwide. The Stores Division has a lead over its competitors by using a sophisticated computer system and working with a high level of business intelligence. These days, transactions with customers and suppliers are increasingly made through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), providing further opportunities to facilitate work processes and reduce labor requirements there by achieving low cost operations. The results of this approach are highly rated.

Fuji Trading makes continuous efforts to pursue and improve services of an even higher quality in this business field.

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